Monday, July 20, 2009

Revoltech 22 AV-X0 Ingram 0 in Action

Revoltech 22 AV-X0 Ingram 0 in Action

In December 2007, I got to open my first Revoltech, a Patlabor!

The design is very detailed but I was kinda dissapointed because it has only eight Revoltech joints.

The shoulders and the hips are monoshaft giving it limited movements. Was wishing that the hips were revoltech joints, so it could do high kicks!

Setting aside the limited movements and few revoltech joints, its modern and sharp looks make it a great addition to any Gashapon and Trading Figure Collection.

The AV-XO Pacakge comes with
- Stand
-A shield that attaches to the right arm
-2 variant hands
- 1 variable head
- an extension arm
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