Monday, July 20, 2009

Revoltech No. 30 Dix Neuf

My second Revoltech Unit is Dix Neuf. It's still from Kaiyodo and designed by the very talented Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, who sculpted most of the Revoltech figures.

Dix Neuf is from the anime sequel of Gunbuster titled "DIE BUSTER". just so you know, DIX Neuf is the french word for 19 and is pronounced as DISU-NUFU.

You could say this one is my favorite between my first 2 revoltech figures. Its design is very impressive.

The cape is so cool that i can't keep my camera off and shoot as many aerial moves and butt kicking stunts from Dix neuf. The cape is made of rubber which is attached by two revoltech Joints at the back. And there are rocket like hole details at the bottom of the cape which gives a flying like effect.

The only downside is that when bending the knees, you have to force it down hard wich is quite scary when handling a revoltech since parts can still be ordered in Japan. But overall, its still my favorite! Lots of revoltech joints for limitless poses and moves, cape makes it even cooler, and the stand makes Dix-neuf fly!

The Dix-Neuf Box comes with
-like any other revoltech figure it comes with a stand
-a spiked weapon called the BUSTER GATOR
- An alternate head
- A big Metellic Oni Face that can be a substitute for the cape

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